A Long Term Care Solution for Nevada Test Site & Atomic Retirees
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A Long Term Care Solution for Nevada Test Site & Atomic Retirees

Now that the new year is upon us, what health resources & support do your patients currently have in place? Medicare? Hospice? Long-Term Care Insurance? Veterans Resources? Whatever plan they may have, their EEOICPA Benefits will augment their current health care plan and extend coverage for their approved illness on their DOL white card until the end of life!

Nuclear Care Partners can help your patients with their EEOICPA Benefits & Long-Term Care

Solutions including being awarded up to $400,000 in financial compensation and no-cost

medical benefits to support their approved diagnosis. A white card holder may be approved for

coverage in the following areas:

● Doctors’ Visits, Medical Treatments & Copays

● Prescribed Medications

● Travel for Medical Treatments

● Inpatient & Outpatient Hospital Charges

● In-Home Health Care

● Durable Medical Equipment

● Reimbursement for out-of-pocket Medical Expenses

● Diagnostic Laboratory & Radiological

Testing & More!

New to billing the DOL?

We can answer all of your questions & provide you with training to ensure a seamless billing


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For over a decade, Nuclear Care Partners has helped former atomic workers obtain and

maximize their EEOICPA benefits and provides the highest level of specialized in-home