Adding COVID-19 to Your White Card as a Consequential Illness
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Adding COVID-19 to Your White Card as a Consequential Illness

Can COVID-19 be added to a DOL white card as a consequential illness? According to the Department of Labor, it is possible!

Understanding Your Risk Factors for COVID-19

COVID-19 is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system. According to the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) older adults are at the highest risk for severe illness from

COVID-19. Age is not the only risk factor which increases your risk of severe illness. Other risk

factors include, but are not limited to:

● Chronic Lung Disease


○ Asthma

○ Pulmonary Fibrosis

○ Pulmonary Hypertension

● Heart Disease

○ Hypertension

○ Heart Failure

○ Coronary Artery Disease

● Cancer

● Kidney Disease

Qualification for a COVID-19 Consequential

A consequential condition is not a primary illness caused from exposure at an atomic site, but a

condition which is caused by the primary illness. Adding COVID-19 as a consequential condition

to your White Card could mean a possible increase in your impairment rating resulting in

additional compensation!

Questions to ask before filing for a consequential:

1. Has your patient been approved for a primary lung diagnosis on their White Card

and have been diagnosed with COVID-19?

Primary diagnoses include, but not limited to, COPD, Chronic Beryllium Disease, Asbestosis,

Pneumoconiosis, etc.

2. Did the diagnosis date for the consequential condition come after the primary


If your patient answered YES to both of these questions, they could qualify!

How to File a COVID-19 Consequential Claim

1. Obtain documented proof of your COVID-19 diagnosis from wherever you received your

COVID-19 test.

If you are a patient on services with Nuclear Care Partners, also notify your local

branch of your COVID-19 diagnosis and that you are requesting to have it added

as a consequential condition to your White Card.

2. Make an appointment with your signing Department of Labor (DOL) physician.

At this appointment it’s very important that your physician links COVID-19 to your

primary illness.

As a patient on services with us, we can have a nurse attend this appointment

with you, if you would like.

3. Send your documents & medical records either to the Authorized Representative you

used for your primary illness, or directly to the DOL (if you did not use an AR), letting

them know you would like to add COVID-19 as a consequential to your White Card.

We can assist you with obtaining the needed records and contacting your

Authorized Representative (if one was utilized to obtain your White Card) to have

your claim submitted to the DOL.

Next Steps

Once you have submitted the proper documentation to the Department of Labor, or once your

Authorized Representative has prepared and submitted your case, the DOL will review all

necessary documentation and medical records. After their review and decision (accepted or

denied), you will be notified via mail.

It is important to keep in mind that it can take many months for this process to be completed.

There is a risk that your case could go into clarification, meaning the DOL will need additional

information/evidence to support your case, in which case, please reach out to us for any further

help, if needed.

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