Aging With Dignity The Silverado Way
Bringing Community Back to Healthcare

Aging With Dignity The Silverado Way

Aging does not have to be boring and dull. You do not have to be confined to a dark and lonely place. Come join us at Silverado and see how we are changing lives, one person at a time- in an environment where normalization and love conquer the fear and turn it into love…

At Silverado, we embrace the philosophy of normalization, meaning that we do NOT see dementia as a disability nor as a hindrance to aging gracefully and filled with joy and companionship. Dementia has no place at our site!!  We look it in the eye and send it away as far as the East is from the West.


On any given day, our Senior Director of Resident Engagement, Mr. Izze Perez lures the residents from their rooms, with the sounds of Music and his cheerful demeanor. Whether they are doing Christmas carols or sharpening their skills in the drum circle, their creativity astounds us daily. Like a modern-day pied piper, his kindness is contagious, and he helps residents see the best of themselves.


At Silverado, we do not want our residents to live in fear of the diagnosis.  We believe firmly that LOVE is indeed greater than fear, and our community is filled with a homelike atmosphere where behaviors and bad days are brushed under the carpet, as we wait for the situations to clear and reveal the amazing humans we are blessed to care for.


As preparations are done for the Holidays- music is the common denominator that releases the fears, concerns, and losses our residents encounter.  We are all a big family that is making a difference and enriching lives daily.


Call us at (702) 337-2480 to schedule a tour, or just stop by and ask for our amazing Family Ambassador, Cathy Anderson to open the doors to a whole new world of dementia care.