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Why you should choose G. Dallas Horton and Associates when you have been injured. The reason it is important to hire an experienced attorney is his or her experience.  The insurance adjuster is well trained in claims management and claim values.  An attorney is better trained at claims management and claim values.  When lay people try to negotiate their own cases, they are the only one who does not understand claims management and value.  Most often, the adjuster will take gross advantage of the claimant. 

The insurance company has a fiduciary obligation to its stock holders to make them as much profits as possible.  Insurance companies who pay the least on claims are often the most profitable.  The claimant’s interest is inconsistent with the insurance company’s interest. They are adverse.

At G. Dallas Horton & Associates we have 26 years of experience.  We know claims management and we know the value of claims.  G. Dallas Horton & Associates with only two attorneys and 17 total employees has collected over a quarter of a billion dollars in settlements for its clients.  Look at the law firms that claim they have collected one billion dollars.  Not one of those firms has fewer than 15 attorneys.  At G. Dallas Horton & Associates we are unimpressed with their collection.  At G. Dallas Horton & Associates, we are much less concerned about the volume of our cases and much more concerned about each individual plaintiff’s recovery.  Anyone can do the math.  $250,000,000.00 divided by 2 is $125,000,000.00 per lawyer.  We have a much lower volume, but do very well because of our focus on individual recoveries.  One billion dollars divided by 15 is only $66,666,666.67 per lawyer.  Some of these firms have over 30 lawyers and they actually brag about collecting one billion in settlements for their clients.  These firms do a great deal of volume.  They sign up between 150 and 250 people per month.  When you visit these firms, the owner does not represent you. 

G. Dallas Horton & Associates retains approximately 30 to 40 new cases each month so that Mr. Horton himself can be personally involved in each case.  When you come to Mr. Horton’s firm, he is actually a part of the team working on your case.  You will meet with Mr. Horton.  In fact, he provides his cell phone number to all of his clients. 

G. Dallas Horton & Associates practices exclusively in the area of personal injury law.  The focus of G. Dallas Horton & Associates is to provide individual attention to each case in the firm.  This is the only way each client will get a maximum recovery.  Mr. Horton has the highest legal rating that can be given under both Martindale Hubble and AVO.  These two agencies rate attorneys’ legal and ethical ability.  He has been named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in the State of Nevada from 2015 to the present by the National Trial Lawyers Associates.