Nuclear Care Partners is Hiring!
Bringing Community Back to Healthcare

Nuclear Care Partners is Hiring!

Here at Nuclear Care Partners, as we continue to rapidly grow in pursuit of our mission to provide the highest level of home-care available to our Hometown Atomic Heroes, including Nevada Test Site retirees, we find our team rapidly growing as well!

We are currently looking for RNs, CNAs, and HHAs who are looking for a fulfilling career in the

home-health industry! We serve a special population of senior citizens who have sacrificed their

health to be part of building and maintaining our Nation’s nuclear defense.

Benefits of working with Nuclear Care Partners include:

● Schedule flexibility

● Improved work-life balance

● One-on-one time with patients

● Growth opportunities

● Autonomy in caring for your patients while considering their long-term health goals.

We work together not only as co-workers, but as a family and believe establishing and

maintaining meaningful, long-term connections with our patients starts with our staff.

As a commitment to supporting and empowering our teams, and to providing the highest quality

care for our patients, our staff receives comprehensive training and enjoys robust support by our

local leadership team and across the organization.

As the 1st ACHC Accredited provider in our industry, we are honored to provide the highest

quality care to our Nation’s Atomic Heroes.

If you or someone you know is looking for a rewarding career giving back to those who gave so

much, contact our recruiting department at 888.525.5111 or visit

Nuclear Care Partners was founded in 2011 by two nurses who found a true passion for helping

former atomic workers receive the highest quality of care. They were inspired by the captivating

stories and unbelievable struggles of these sick workers who sacrificed their health and their

lives to protect our country and serve in our nation’s nuclear weapons complex.