Paid Family Caregivers
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Paid Family Caregivers

Founded in 2011, Nuclear Care Partners proudly provides EEOICPA benefits guidance, advocacy, and no-cost in-home care to former atomic workers who have developed serious illnesses due to their workplace exposure to harmful radiation and toxic chemicals. Our founding belief holds that these brave men and women, who enhanced our nation’s security, deserve kind, compassionate, and the highest quality care available.

As our patient roster continues to grow, so does the demand for caregivers. Fortunately, many

family members have stepped up to the responsibility of caring for their loved ones. While being

a caregiver can often be a challenging undertaking, many of our family caregivers agree that

fulfilling the needs of their loved one while being a part of their health journey far outweighs the


At Nuclear Care Partners, family caregivers are paid as staff, not contractors. This means, our

family caregivers are offered benefits, overtime, onboarding and ongoing training and

support, competitive wages, and direct employment, meaning the caregiver is not

responsible for employment taxes.

We recognize being a family caregiver plays a vital role in the health of loved ones and are

immensely grateful for the compassionate and gracious care our caregivers provide everyday!

To learn more about what it meant to be a family caregiver with Nuclear Care Partners, please

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