Silverado Red Rock A Model of Wellness in Dementia Care
Bringing Community Back to Healthcare

Silverado Red Rock A Model of Wellness in Dementia Care

In 1996 Silverado was founded with a vision to change the way the world cares for and perceives people with cognitive decline. Their ideals – rooted in compassion, clinical excellence, and dignity through helping people find their purpose- made a difference instantly. The difference was noted by both residents and family, who rediscovered loved ones they had they had lost to the disease. More than 20 years later, with the addition of in-home and hospice services, Silverado continues to lead the way.

Silverado Red Rock is a 72-bed community that focuses on memory care.  Memory care is a specialized living community for individuals that have been diagnosed with dementia. The Silverado experience as many refer to our model is a neighborhood community where residents live alongside others whose abilities match their own. When Silverado was implemented in 1996 the vision was to create a community with purpose and passion.

Silverado Red Rock is under the Administration of Penny Munn, who has a commitment to excellence and is well respected in the Las Vegas community. Under her leadership, we are the first Silverado in Las Vegas and are honored to be here. We offer an innovative approach to the care of your loved one with dementia based on two principles. The first is that Love is greater than Fear- thereby focusing on the positive and facing dementia with a fearless attitude.  The second is the concept of Normalization where the resident is seen as a normal individual capable of achieving whatever their heart desires at their own cognitive and acuity level. We are in an inter-generational community, and we also embrace a pet-friendly environment. Penny even hand-picked a rescue dog named Bob that has brought endless cuddles and smiles to our residents.

Our days begin with a gourmet breakfast carefully prepared by our chefs to meet the nutritional needs of our residents. Like you and I, they prepare for the daily routines and join travel clubs, cooking engagements, art therapy, community outings, cognitive exercises, and physical activities to engage in a holistic approach to life. All join in our restaurant-style dining room for lunch and dinner to discuss their activities and enjoy each other’s company. Families are welcome at any time, and they get to have meals and continue the communion and conversations with their loved ones. Silverado meets dementia with an attitude of determination to provide a life that is enriched for our residents. Just because they have a dementia diagnosis does not mean they cannot live life to the fullest. As leaders in the field of dementia, we provide community-wide events to help continue the dialogues and provide education and advocacy for our families and community partners.

Call us at (702) 337-2480 to schedule a tour and see for yourself how Silverado is raising the bar on care for dementia and memory care in general. Better yet, come to our Family Fridays and join us for a barbeque lunch and make memories with our Silverado family.